General Questions

You can reach us by phone, email, or the contact form here.

Normally, after contacting us for our availability, we’ll schedule a meeting and go from there!

The aim of the meeting is to give you a better idea of what will happen on the day, and how long each event normally takes.

We’ve filmed over 250 weddings before, so we’re very experienced in the area. We will help you look at other wedding photos to help you visualize what will happen, and when it’ll happen. At the end of the meeting, we aim to help you draft a detailed rundown of your day. We want to help you feel more at ease and prepared for your big day.


We usually get very busy during certain time of the year. So once you’re ready to book, to secure your date, simply pay your deposit and everything will be good to go.

After the initial meeting, we’ll reconfirm your date, package, and venue for your special day. We’ll then send you an invoice for the deposit.

You can find our bank details highlighted on the invoice. Once we receive the deposit, we’ll send you’re a receipt and bar that day off from any other prospects who want to book the same day. For the rest of the payment, you can pay us anytime up to 2 weeks before your wedding/event.

Our work is very consistent. The quality you get will be the same as the photos and videos you see online. If you have a specific style or preference for your wedding, please feel free to let us know before the shooting.

You can also tell us what kind of photos on our website you like. We’re very easy going and we want to make sure you feel that your wedding is unique.

Yes, we do! We travel all around the world, including popular wedding destinations like Santorini, Prague and Paris!

Legal & Insurances

If requested, we can issue a contract with you once we confirm your package details. We will ask you for a few more personal details if so.

Yes we are! We have public liability and professional indemnity in place for our services. If your revenue requires, we can send you the insurance certificates.

Valo Studio and the couple (Client) will share the copyright of the photographs and videos we produce.

We will not put our trademark on any photos. Our clients can freely use our photos in any way including printing the photos themselves as long as it is not for commercial use (eg. selling our photo online)

Deposit, Payments, & Cancellations

Like most things in this beautiful world, the deposit is non-refundable.

Yea! Since we travel around the world for different projects, we separated our transportation cost from our service package price.

Before you book with us, once the venue is confirmed, we will give you a full quote, including the transportation cost.

The deposit cannot be refunded if the booking is cancelled by customer as we have to bar off all other clients from booking your date. However, if your date is changed later and if we are not booked on the new date, we can move your date forward with the same deposit.

This happened with some clients whose venue, unfortunately, had been flooded/ damaged. There is no extra charge for cancelling of service. However we are afraid we cannot refund the deposit. Because we may already bar off clients from booking the same day already.

We have a team of back up photographers and we will assign them to you in case our main photographer assigned to you is physically unsuitable to do any shooting on the date. In a worst case scenario, there will of course be a full refund. However, we never had this happened since we started our business 8 years ago.


Whatever photos we take, we will always colour enhanced them and give them back to you.

This depends on the services, please see below:

  • Engagement Photography: 3 – 5 weeks after shooting. Photos will be delivered through DropBox.
  • Wedding Photography: Around 8 weeks after wedding. Photos will be delivered through DropBox.
  • Wedding Videography: Around 10 weeks after the music is provided (You can give me the music even before the event).

If you book any services for over 10 hours, we will also include a lovely wooden USB. We will upload all our deliverables and send it to your doorsteps.

If you’re looking to print the photos you have with us in an album, we can help you out!

To get started, we will issue a separate invoice for the album, and start designing the layout once the full payment is received.

It’ll normally take around 1 week to design the layout, and up to 5 weeks to produce the album.

98% of our clients won’t ever need this, but just in case, we offer further retouching for £20 per photo.

This usually means skin enhancement, body enhancement, obstacle removal, swapping smiles/eyes, and so on. Whether the retouch requirement is achievable need discussion with the photographer in-charge.

Unfortunately, we do not deliver any raw photographs / footages without colour enhancement.

We will carefully colour enhance and tune all photos/footage we take and deliver all of them back to you in edited format. Like most studios in UK, we hope our clients like our style of editing before booking us and we wouldn’t encourage our client to edit the photo/footage after the delivery. Therefore, we are afraid we wouldn’t deliver any raw/unedited materials.

Let us help you remember your special day.